A Pastor, a Dreamer, and a Skeptic Walk into a [Coffee] Bar…

When we first met, Jacob told me his dream was to live in South America and sell coffee out of a van. I thought he was so cool and adventurous, and I had always loved the idea of living overseas (mainly Africa), but maybe later on in life after my future kids are grown. I thought this dream of his was way too much for me. I totally believed he would do it as a single guy, but with where our relationship was heading, it didn’t seem practical. I was afraid he'd be giving up that dream, as wild as it was. He told this to a lot of people, many would laugh and think he was kidding, and I thought I was the only one who took him seriously—turns out I wasn't!

Fast-forward to March of 2016, Jacob and I began to feel an unrest in our lives. We were about 3 months away from our wedding day, and weren't sure what our next step would be. We were eager to live and serve as partners in ministry; we had passion and vision, but didn't feel a sense of purpose or belonging where we were. We were desperate to know what God was doing, so we sought council and prayed for God to show us what He had for us. We actually began to Fast for it. The timing was ironic, seeing that we coincidentally started on Palm Sunday.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.
— Proverbs 13:12 | ESV

The very next morning, Mark Rudd, a friend of ours, approached Jacob while he was working in the church café: "It's not South America, and you won't necessarily live in a van, but there is coffee..."

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Mark was the Missions Pastor at The People of Mars Hill in Mobile, AL. He had recently visited the team in Masatepe, and said everything he saw in them, and in their ministry model, he saw in us as well. He encouraged us to check out the One Collective website and invited us to join the team that was visiting Masatepe that December. We were amazed at God's timing as he put Jacob on Mark's heart that morning. We couldn't believe that Mark had remembered that little detail about Jacob and his lofty dream as he visited Masatepe. As we did more research on One Collective, we thought this was too good to be true. We had been praying for a sending organization that was right for us, and God totally answered our prayer. While we were marveled at God's grace in being so quick to give us a lead, I admit I was skeptical. I didn't believe that God would be so quick to answer us. But by His grace, He did, and He continued to work on my heart as we were visiting Masatepe.

Throughout our visit, we were both feeling called to this ministry, and it was continuously affirmed by others. We saw how lives were being transformed by the power of God and how One Collective was playing an integral role in the transformation of this community. We fell in love with the people of Masatepe, and we knew God was inviting us in on the work He was doing there.

We hope to move to Masatepe, Nicaragua in the Spring of 2018. We are currently raising financial support for the work we will be doing with One Collective, and we invite you to come alongside us in prayer and monthly support! Our prayer is that Jesus would be glorified and others would know His love through the calling we have received.

Looking back at where we started—in the midst of confusion and restlessness of finding our place, to where He has us now—filled with incomprehensible peace and purpose, I find that this wild dream was actually placed in Jacob’s heart for a reason. Our pursuit not being an obsession for coffee or adventure, but in using our gifts and talents to Glorify the Father. We are filled with thankfulness and in awe of His goodness. We pray this tree of life would be fruitful and remind others of Jesus, Our Hope of Glory.


May the grace and peace of Jesus be with you in every season,

Jacob + Sarah


Have you ever had a dream that seemed silly or unrealistic, yet still couldn’t shake the desire for? Have you ever told that dream “one day, but not now”, and continued your pursuit of something you aren’t as passionate about? I suppose that’s why it’s called a dream and not a goal. What do you think it would take for that dream to become a reality?