Reflections: Access Training

What if we could be one collective? Where competition no longer exists because the antiquated ways of the past and once-beautiful traditions have found new expression, better methods, and a fresh set of legs.
— Scott Olson, President & CEO – One Collective

We just got back from ACCESS Training in Elgin, Illinois where we spent 14 days with 14 individuals + one joyful 9 month old learning how to follow Jesus internationally and interculturally. 

We spent our days soaking up information on practicing values, ministering cross-culturally, caring for our souls in the midst of spiritual warfare, and learning not only how to function, but thrive in our teams. 

At the end of training, we sat on the floor of the hotel conference room with Scott Olson. He offered us a bowl of flatbread and richly pigmented grape juice, and we remembered Jesus together. We shared about all the times He showed up in our lives, and closed our time in reflection of His life and the work He continues to do. Some may call us hippies, but was one of the most simple and honest times of communion we’ve been blessed to experience.


Our biggest "take away" from ACCESS was looking at the life of Jesus and how he approached people in the Gospels. As One Collective, we strive to practice the methods of Jesus. Integrated Community Transformation (ICT) integrates mission and compassion work in communities around the world to see lives transformed by the power of God. ACCESS Training was all about adopting this approach as we enter communities around the world. We learned that walking alongside the oppressed (not over them) doesn't just challenge the status quo, but it is what Jesus does. If you don't know much about One Collective or how our efforts incorporate Christ, we strongly encourage you to learn more so you can see too that this organization is no joke. One Collective truly believes in the work of Jesus and strives to practice it in word and deed.

We are proud to be a part of One Collective, and we hope you are too.


Jacob + Sarah